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Portland Rock Gym offers instruction for climbers of all ages and abilities. We have a wide variety of clinics and classes to get and keep your climbing where you want it to be! Annual Members receive 50% off our Intro to bouldering, & Climbing Movement classes.

Note: this page is for our climbing classes rather than our yoga and fitness classes. Unlike yoga and fitness classes, these require advance booking and payment to reserve a slot.

Climbing Classes & Clinics at the Beaverton Location

Private Lessons

Focusing on your weakest areas will usually yield the most immediate improvement. Portland Rock Gym's instructors offer customized, targeted lessons for climbers of all ages and abilities. Previous instructions have included bouldering, lead climbing tactics, visualization, efficiency and training techniques.

Top rope and lead climbing private lessons require at least two participants.


Lessons start at $65/hour. Each additional climber is an extra $32.50/hour with a maximum of 4 participants. Advance reservation required. One–hour lessons are also available in packages of three, which is $175 (1 person).

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