Rules & Waiver

Please read all the rules below thoroughly before signing your or your child's waiver, and/or climbing at PRG.

Everyone Needs a Signed Waiver!
All persons inside the gym area MUST have a signed waiver on file. No exceptions.

Youth Policy

  1. Youth under 18 must have a waiver on file signed by parent or legal guardian prior to climbing in the gym.
  2. Youth under 14 must be actively supervised by a trained/experienced adult when in the bouldering area. Exceptions may be made for children with an Annual Memberships and significant climbing experience (determined by PRG staff).
  3. Youth under 14 are not allowed in the gym without a chaperone. Climbers must be at least 14 to top-rope belay. Climbers must be at least 14 to lead belay.

Gym Rules

To climb as risk free as possible, you must follow these rules!

Special Note about Headphones:

  1. Lead climbers and all belayers cannot wear headphones.
  2. While climbers on top rope, auto-belays, and in the bouldering area can use headphones, they should be aware of their surroundings and keep the volume low so that other people can get their attention if needed.