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Gary Rall Owner & Founder

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Gary has been climbing throughout the West Coast for almost 40 years. On a trip to England in 1987, he got the idea of building an indoor climbing gym. While there, Rall heard about a community center that had a climbing wall where people kept in shape during the winter months. He thought of Portland’s rainy weather and decided to build the Portland Rock Gym. It turned out to be the second gym in the country, and the first to use modular holds. His wife, Julie, actually came up with the phrase “rock gym” as they named the business.

Gary is a pioneer of rock climbing in Oregon. He has a multitude of hard FAs and FFAs under his belt, established Rat Cave, been regional coordinator of the Access Fund earning their 5.13 Service Award for securing public access to the Carver Bridge Cliff & Boulders, and helped to create the modern American rock climbing industry.

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