PDX ICEFEST 2010- 5th Annual

Classification: CLASSIFIED

Caveats: NONE

Date: 26-09-10
Recap: 5th annual indoor dry-tooling event and fundraiser with slide show.
This event is the brain-child of John Frieh and Marcus Donaldson, two of the brightest
lights in the Portland alpine climbing scene.  Conceived as a way
to bring some stoke to Portland's climbers for the winter season ahead, get
some reps and atheletes to educate and inspire, and maybe do some good by raising
some money for access issues along the way.  After approaching Gary at the PRG, the
event was planned and has been going strong ever since.

The night began with a preliminary route on slightly overhanging wall including stemming
options.  A total of 20 male and 8 female contestants entered.  Scoring was based
on high point and time, followed by final showing of the top finishers.  The Demo
Wall offers a chance to try new tools from Black Diamond, or just warm-up before your
burn.  A raffle and silent auction helped to bring in donations, and a keg or two of
beer brought good cheer and much thirst quenching.  Round after round of competitors
including 5.13 and spandex-clad sport-climbers that have never held a tool, salty 
alpine vets with years of single-piece raps and many brutal bivys, and combos of the 
two (thanks Steve!), proved themselves against the indoor test-pieces.  Between rounds 
of stein-pulls and pick-cams, the one and only Aaron Mulkey presented a slideshow of 
his latest adventures, some of which included actual climbing!  The crowd was awed by
the well of enthusiasm Aaron brings to finding new routes and a peek at the 
hard work and determination it takes to put up dozens of FAs a year.  The lesson 
learned: Climbing is and will continue to be a gift that is earned, different for 
each seeker but the greatest prizes are not easily won.  Thanks so much to Aaron 
for making the journey from Cody to stoke all those around him and inspire.  The Final
Route turned out to be quite difficult, but in the end, experience took the day.  Clad in 
blue jeans, socks with rock shoes and the eye of a tiger, Michael Nozel sets the 
high-point and takes 1st place in the men's division.  Congrats!

All and all, another spot-on night of community, climbing, beer and sharp objects.  
Special thanks to John Freih and Marcus Donaldson (nothing else to say), Roger Strong
from Black Diamond (head setter, fountain of youth, international playboy, father and
hard-man), Aaron Mulkey, Doug Shepard from Co. (way to work the mic and bring in 
those donations!), Gary Rall for donating the gym's time and staff at the PRG for 
crowd control and security, Graham @ Cilo Gear (home of the real alpine pack), RAB 
for the beautiful soft goods, Mountain Shop, Portland Mountain Rescue, ClimbMax, 
Next Adventure, Integral Designs, OR, Petzl, and OMC.


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